After the gospel reading, the celebrant in the homily, based on the sacred text and pertinent to the particular place and the people involved, explains the meaning of the celebration.


The general intercessions follow, either in the form usual at Mass or in the form provided here. The celebrant concludes the intercessions with the prayer of blessing. From the following intentions those best for the occasion may be used or adapted, or other intentions that apply to the particular circumstances may be composed.
The celebrant says:
The word of God calls us out of darkness into the light of faith. With the confidence of Gods children let us ask the Lord to hear our prayers and to bless these readers:
R. Lord, hear our prayer.
R. Lord, graciously hear us.
Assisting minister:
For the Church, that we may continue to respond to the word of God which is proclaimed in our midst, we pray to the Lord. R.
Assisting minister:
For all who listen as the Scriptures are proclaimed, that Gods word may find in them a fruitful field, we pray to the Lord. R.
Assisting minister:
For those who have not heard the message of Christ, that we may be willing to bring them the good news of salvation, we pray to the Lord. R.
Assisting minister:
For our readers, that with deep faith and confident voice they may announce Gods saving word, we pray to the Lord. R.

Everlasting God,
When he read in the synagogue at Nazareth, your Son proclaimed the good news of salvation for which he would give up his life.
Bless these readers.
As they proclaim your words of life, strengthen their faith that they may read with conviction and boldness, and put into practice what they read.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.