Reflection from Psalm No. 129


I may not like to know it, Lord,
But I do have enemies.
Not everyone likes me.
I am not everyones friend.

There are people who are
Unsympathetic towards me,
Dislike me, oppose me,
Hinder my work,
Who rejoice when I fail,
Feel sad when I succeed,
Speak ill of me.
Give me frosty looks.
Always take the adversary position.

I bear the marks of enmity
Within my soul.
Help me, Lord,
To accept the reality of my sufferings,
Without bitterness or retaliation.

The fact that I have enemies,
Humbles and chastens me.

Lord, help me to learn about myself,
From those who are ill-disposed towards me.
They reveal more about my weak points,
Than those who smother me with affection.

Its encouraging to know, Lord, that,
My enemies have never been able to finish me off.’ [Psalm 129:2]

Glory be…


This reflection was composed by Fr Kevin Lyon, a priest of the Dublin Diocese, and flows from his praying the psalms. Published in the book: Psalm-Prayers for every mood, reproduced with permission from the author and publishers: Columba Press,