The celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage is a wonderful occasion for a couple, their families, friends and the wider Christian community who gather to witness this public declaration of love and commitment. This collection is designed to help in choosing suitable music for the ceremony in the Church. A wide range of instruments, musical styles and voices is used to offer you ideas in planning the music programme for a wedding.
Marriage is usually celebrated in the context of the Eucharist and therefore the usual principles for making music choices apply. The pieces in this recording are categorised to help in selecting what is most appropriate to the particular part of the Mass or the ceremony. In this recording you will find a setting of Acclamations to be sung during the Eucharistic Prayer, the central prayer of the Mass, that will involve everyone quite easily. There is also a selection of Responsorial Psalms which lend themselves to participation. This resource collection offers music that at other times will allow for reflection on the Christian understanding of marriage.
If the church celebration takes place in the context of a Liturgy of the Word you will find many suitable pieces to choose according to the musical resources available.
I wish to express thanks to ACCORD Dublin and ACCORD National for their support in this project and to colleagues on the Advisory Committee on Church Music for their encouragement. I am particularly grateful to all the musicians and technicians who have contributed to this recording and to the Redemptoristine Community and Mater Dei Institute for facilitating the recording sessions.
Pat O’Donoghue
Director – Dublin Diocesan Liturgical Resource Centre
  1. Tabhair dom do Lámh  (Irish Traditional)                               
  2. We Praise You O Lord  (The Dameans)                                 
  3. Christ Be Near At Either Hand  (Arr. Gerard Gillen)             
  4. Gloria (Jean-Paul Lécot)                                                           
  5. Throughout All Time  (David Haas)                             
  6. Eagle’s Wings (Michael Joncas)                                             
  7. Let Us Rejoice (Marty Haugen)                                               
  8. Seinn Alleluia – Psalm 150  (Ronan McDonagh)                  
  9. An Ephesian Prayer  (James V. Marchionda)                       
  10. Blessing  (Margaret Rizza)                                                        
  11. Lumen Christi   (Paul Décha)                                                     
  12. Wherever You Go   (Owen Lynch)                                             
  13. Ave Maria   (Daniel Kantor)                                                         
  14. Inis Oirr (Irish Traditional)                                                        
  15. Sing of a Lady  (Liam Lawton)`                                                
  16. Today  (Maria O’Reilly)                                                               
  17. Eucharistic Prayer Acclamations  (Tom Egan)                    
  18. Song of Ruth  (Donald Reagan)                                               
  19. Set Your Hearts   (Steve Warner)                                            
  20. I Have Loved You (Michael Joncas)                                       
  21. I Love You Lord  (Celebrant Singers)                                     
  22. Gathered As One   (Owen Lynch)                                             
  23. Love is Patient   (Gerry Keegan)                                              
  24. May the Road Rise To Meet You  (Lori True)                        
  25. Grand Choeur   (Alexander Guilmant)                    


1. Tabhair dom do Lámh(Irish Traditional)     Flute – Linda Beirne
2.       We Praise You O Lord (Damean Music)  Cana (Recorded by Darren O’Reilly)    
3.       Christ Be Near At Either Hand (Arr. Gerard Gillen)Dublin Lourdes Choir, Organ – William Woods
4.       Gloria (Jean-Paul Lécot)  Dublin Lourdes Choir,    Soloists – Sharon Lyons and William Woods,  Organ – David Connolly
5.     Throughout All Time (David Haas)   Soloist – Helen Behan, Harp – Mary O’DonnelL
6.     Eagle’s Wings (Michael Joncas)     Soloist – Susan Kinsella, Harp – Mary O’Donnell, Flute – Áine Lynch
7.     Let Us Rejoice (Marty Haugen)  Dublin Diocesan Music Group,Harp – Teresa O’Donnell, Flute – Áine Lynch
8.     Seinn Alleluia – Psalm 150 (Ronan McDonagh)   Dublin Diocesan Music Group,  Harp – Teresa O’Donnell,Soloists –  Ciarán Murphy, Aileen Sweeney and Seamus Fitzmaurice
9.      An Ephesian Prayer (James V. Marchionda) Soloist – Patricia Bourke, Harp – Mary  O’Donnell,Flute – Áine Lynch
10.  Blessing (Margaret Rizza)    Dublin Diocesan Music Group, Harp – Teresa O’Donnell,  Piano – Sarah Picardo
11.  Lumen Christi (Paul Décha)    Dublin Lourdes Choir, Soloist – Paul Kenny, Denise Kelly, Violin – Sharon Lyons 
12.  Wherever You Go (Owen Lynch) Soloist – Owen Lynch, Violin – Sharon Lyons, Harp – Denise Kelly, Organ – William Woods
13.   Ave Maria (Daniel Kantor)   Dublin Diocesan Music Group, Piano – Sarah Picardo Soloist – Patricia Bourke
14.  Inis Oirr (Irish Traditional) Flute – Linda Beirne
15.  Sing of a Lady (Liam Lawton)    Dublin Lourdes Choir, Soloist – Sharon Lyons,  Harp – Denise Kelly, Organ – William Woods, Violin – Owen Lynch)
16.  Today (Maria O’Reilly)    Cana, Soloist – Maria O’Reilly (Recorded by Paul Keegan)
17.  Eucharistic Prayer Acclamations (Tom Egan) Dublin Diocesan Music Group,            Harp – Teresa O’Donnell, Soloist –Audrey Darby
18.  Song of Ruth (Donald Reagan) Soloist – Mary Flynn, Piano – Sarah Picardo,          Violin – Sharon Lyons
19.  Set Your Hearts (Steve Warner) Dublin Diocesan Music Group, Soloist – Susan Kinsella, Harp – Teresa O’Donnell, Áine Lynch – Flute
20. I Have Loved You (Michael Joncas) Soloists – Sharon Lyons/Owen Lynch, Harp – Denise Kelly, Violin –
21.  I Love You Lord (Celebrant Singers) Cana, Soloist – Martina Reilly (Recorded by Darren O’Reilly)
22. Gathered As One (Owen Lynch) Soloist – Owen Lynch, Violin – Sharon Lyons,  Harp –    Denise Kelly, Organ – William Woods
23. Love is Patient (Gerry Keegan)  Cana, Soloist – Maria O’Reilly
    (Recorded by Paul Keegan)
24. May the Road Rise To Meet You (Lori True) Dublin Lourdes Choir, Soloists –    Audrey Darby and Sharon Lyons, Harp – Denise Kelly, Violin – Sharon Lyons
25. Grand Choeur (Alexander Guilmant) Organ – Gerard Gillen
Excerpt from Gerard Gillen Plays the Organ at St. Mary’s 
Pro-Cathedral (2002) produced by Brian McIvor
The Dublin Lourdes Choir
The Dublin Diocesan Music Group
Denise Kelly, Mary and Teresa O’Donnell (Harps)
William Woods and David Connolly (Organ)
Owen Lynch and Sharon Lyons (Violin)
Áine Lynch (Flute), Sarah Picardo (Piano)
Directed by Pat O’Donoghue
Cana Musicians
Fran O’Reilly and Ronan Jacob (Guitar)
Darren O’Reilly (Drums) Piano (Paul Healy)
Cana Singers
Maria O’Reilly, Martina Reilly, Brian Manning, John Mulville
Gerard Gillen (Organ)
Excerpt from Gerard Gillen Plays the Organ at the St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral (2002)
Sound recording and mixing by Roy Carroll
Production by Pat O’Donoghue
Recorded at the Monastery of St. Alphonsus,
 St. Alphonsus Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9.
Church of Holy Cross College, Clonliffe
Copyright 2005 Dublin Diocesan Liturgical Resource Centre
Holy Cross College, Clonliffe, Dublin 3.
We Praise You O Lord by The Dameans – Damean Music
Christ Be Near at Either Hand – Arranged by Gerard Gillen
Throughout All Time by David Haas – G.I.A Publications Inc.
May The Road Rise To Meet You by Lori True – G.I.A. Publications Inc.
An Ephesian Prayer by James Marchionda O.P.
Song of Ruth by Donald Reagan – North American Liturgy Resources
I Have Loved You by Michael Joncas – North American Liturgy Resources
Let Us Rejoice by Marty Haugen – G.I.A Publications Inc.
Eucharistic Prayer Acclamations by Fr. Tom Egan
Gathered As One and Wherever You Go by Owen Lynch
A Blessing by Margaret Rizza – Kevin Mayhew Ltd.
Sing of A Lady by Liam Lawton
Set You Hearts On The Higher Gifts by Steve Warner – World Library Publications
On Eagle’s Wings by Michael Joncas – G.I.A. Publications Inc.
Psalm 150 by Ronan McDonagh
Lumen Christi by Paul Décha – Lourdes Sanctuaires
Gloria by Jean-Paul Lécot – Lourdes Sanctuaires
Ave Maria by Daniel Kantor – G.I.A. Publications
Today by Maria O’Reilly
I Love You Lord by the Celebrant Singers
Love Is Patient (Gerry Keegan)