Diocesan Advent Service 2008

ADVENT SERVICE 2008 Gathering Song Wait for the Lord (Taizé) All sing: Wait for the Lord, His day is near, Wait for the Lord be strong take heart. (The Entrance Procession is led by two carrying icons of Jesus and Mary, two acolytes with candles followed by the celebrant with the Book of the Gospels)(…)

Diocesan Advent Service 2007

ADVENT SERVICE 2007 Gathering Song  Wait For The Lord (Taizé) All said: Wait for the Lord, his day is near Wait for the Lord, be strong take heart. Reading  James 5:7-8 Be patient Instrumental Cantiga de Sancta Maria (Spanish) Reflection  A Poem of Ephrem the Syrian, (which he places in the mouth of Mary) “With You I(…)

Diocesan Advent Service 2005

YEAR A Entrance Song    Come To Us O Emmanuel (Marty Haugen) All sing: Come to us, O Emmanuel Welcome to our Advent Service where we have gathered to begin our Advent journey together, to be companions along the road. As in every journey we can only start from where we are. This is the(…)

Advent Service Ideas

ADVENT SERVICE – YEAR B Scripture, Reflections and Music Suggestions Procession of Light Warm the Time of Winter (Lori True) Eager Welcome (Opening Prayer) Open our hearts in welcome (Opening Prayer) Opening Prayer and Gesture To you, O Lord, I lift my soul, to you I lift my soul (Psalm 24) Responsorial Psalm To You,(…)

Scripture in Advent

Scripture in Advent Bishop Martin Drennan, Bishop of Galway Christmas What Pope John Paul said of the Jubilee Year applies perfectly to what we do at Christmas. He said, May the Great Jubilee be a canticle of praise and thanksgiving for the wonder of the Incarnation. Christmas remembers the birth of Jesus who is called Saviour(…)

Advent Service

Prepare a Way Opening Hymn: Wait for the Lord Church in darkness – candles – procession Introduction The theme for this evening’s service is “there is a way.” There are so many voices of despair in the world around us, telling us it is no good. Perhaps even that voice speaks within us; “How can(…)

Daily Reflections for Advent

Reflections for Advent 2008     JUST GIVE THE WORD   Monday of Advent Week One – 1 December 2008             Readings – Is.2:1-5, Ps.121, Matthew 8:5-11 Some times we fight wars of words in our heads. We practice the ‘put down’ lines that will devastate the argument of our opponents. We rehearse the ‘killer’(…)

Blessing of an Advent Wreath

Blessing of an Advent Wreath within Mass: The celebrant with hands outstretched prays: Lord God, your Church joyfully awaits the coming of its Saviour, who enlightens our hearts and dispels the darkness of ignorance and sin. Pour out your blessings upon us as we light the candles of this wreath; may their light reflect the(…)

Diocesan Advent Service 2011

DIOCESAN ADVENT SERVICE 2011  – St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral 26 November 2011 Opening Song      Wait for the Lord (Taizé) All sing: Wait for the Lord, whose day is near Wait for the Lord, keep watch, take heart. Opening Prayer Bishop Raymond Field – Chairperson of the Dublin Diocesan Eucharistic Congress Preparatory Committee In the name of(…)

Diocesan Advent Service 2004

Entrance Psalm 121 Joy Was In My Heart (R. Reboud) All sing: Joy was in my heart, Alleluia! When I heard them say let us go to God’s house Greeting                                  Opening Prayer Lord God, long ago your Son Jesus Christ came among us. And yet, we are still waiting in hope for his full coming(…)

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