We Shall Draw Water Joyfully

27 April 2015 Opening Prayer                       All say:   Tá mé ag filleadh arís ort, Is a Rí gheal ná daor sinn; Tabhair dom deoch as tobar na daonnacht’, Nó braon den uisce úd do shil as do thaobh deas, A dhéanfadh sinn a ghlanadh, a ghealadh is a shaoradh, Is go rachaidh ár n-anam go Flaithis i(…)

Praying with the Mystics

Praying With The Mystics Lent 2015 Song   You Are the Centre (Fountain of Life, Music for contemplative Worship – Margaret Rizza) All sing: You are the centre, you are my life, You are the centre, O Lord, of my life. Come, Lord, and heal me, Lord of my life, Come, Lord, and teach me, Lord(…)

The Light Is On For You

Prayer card and preparation for confession leaflet as announced by Archbishop Martin Reconciliation Bookmark Reconciliation Leaflet Priest Reconciliation Leaflet €10 per hundred Please order through the Office of Evangelisation and Ecumenism Tel:  01 8379253

All in the April Evening – Easter Season 2013

All in the April Evening – Easter Season 2013

ALL IN THE APRIL EVENING Monastery of St. Alphonsus – 29 April 2013   Prelude All In The April Evening (Tynan/Roberton) Agnus Dei  Lamb of God (Deiss) All sing: Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us (2) Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world,(…)

The Way of the Cross 2013

The Way of the Cross 2013

A WAY OF THE CROSS This way of celebrating the Stations of the Cross gathers material from a variety of sources. The script draws from contemporary experiences of sadness and grief but also of victory and triumph. In addition, it uses traditional material and invites responses in word and music. You can draw up your(…)

Prayers for Pentecost

Hearts ablaze Beautiful Lord, may we say “yes” to You so that the Spirit in our hearts will once again be set ablaze. Spirit of Wisdom, guide our actions so they tell of God’s love. Spirit of Truth, open our eyes to see the world as it really is. Spirit of Power, enthuse us to(…)