Family Mass Resources


Resources used by Navan Road Family Mass Group BOOKS 1-The Complete Children’s Liturgy Book and The Liturgy Of The Word With Children Both books by Katie Thompson These two books give the Sunday gospel, a prayer, a reflection, questions and a colouring page, for every Sunday and all the great feast days in the three(…)

The Family Mass in Advent

THE FAMILY MASS IN ADVENT First Sunday The Advent wreath can be the focus of attention this Sunday as the readings bring to mind the last things. That Advent wreath speaks of time and its passing. Each candle measuring another week gone, from the loneliness of that first candle through to the excitement when we(…)

Celebrating Family Mass with Families in Lent and Passiontide

CELEBRATING MASS, WITH FAMILIES IN LENT AND PASSIONTIDE Guidelines for parish teams – and all involved in liturgy Produced by the Liturgy Commission for the Archdiocese of Dublin LENT The Journey of the Christian Community I. Lent is a season of conversion and reconciliation II.Lent is a season of communal conversion III. The goal of(…)

Celebrating Mass With Families

CELEBRATING MASS WITH FAMILIES Guidelines for parish teams and all involved in liturgy While the Church has a rich spiritual tradition to draw on in the encouragement of family life and worship, the development of new and more relevant forms of liturgical celebration will provide greater opportunities for the public expression of family. The work(…)

Celebrating Mass with Families at Eastertime

CELEBRATING MASS WITH FAMILIES AT EASTERTIME Guidelines for parish teams – and all involved in liturgy Prepared by the Dublin Diocesan Liturgy Commission THE EASTER SEASON A Fifty Day Celebration The celebration of Easter is prolonged throughout the Easter season. The fifty days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday are celebrated as one feast day,(…)

Family Mass Groups Preparing to Celebrate Eucharist

FAMILY MASS GROUPS PREPARING TO CELEBRATE EUCHARIST ENTRANCE Options: procession of everyone, procession of presider, servers, banners, liturgical movement, gesture, song, antiphon, music, incense, cross, candles. Symbols focusing on the readings, season, feast day, etc. INTRODUCTION Options: Brief intro to the celebration, presider or other. PENITENTIAL RITE Options: Rite 1, sprinkling rite. Accompanying music. Rites(…)

A Method for Exploring the Gospel Family Mass

A method for exploring the Gospel Introduction: Establish what week of the Liturgical Year it is, and the source of the reading Invite the Holy Spirit to guide and inspire each participant. Phase 1: ·        Read the text, make no judgements, form no opinions, ·        allow the text in it’s entirety to speak ·        Notice(…)