Prayers for Times of Special Need

Prayer for Those Abused

PRAYERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE SUFFERED ABUSE OF ANY KIND –  PHYSICAL, SEXUAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL OR EMOTIONAL.   Lord, we are so sorry for what some of us did to your children: treated them so cruelly, especially in their hour of need. We have left them with a lifelong suffering. This was not your plan for them or(…)

Prayer of Remembrance – Suicide

PRAYERS OF REMEMBRANCE, CONSOLATION AND HOPE FOR THOSE LEFT BEHIND AFTER A SUICIDE: LETTER OF REMEMBRANCE   My dear ________    As you read this letter, we would like you to know that we miss you and that so much has changed because of you. We always thought this sort of thing happened to other(…)

Remembering Babies who have died . . .

Remembering Babies who have died before or around the time of birth  “The word of the Lord was addressed to me saying: ‘Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, Before you came to birth I consecrated you.’” (Jeremiah1: 4-5) READING: Isaiah 49:14-16 “Can a woman forget her baby at the breast, Feel(…)

Remembering for those who cannot remember

REMEMBERING THOSE WHO CANNOT REMEMBER Prayers for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease And those who care for them.   OPENING PRAYER Let us pray, God of mercy and compassion be with us today as we remember those who cannot remember. We lift up to you their confusion and their pain. We pray for the(…)

Thoughts and prayers for and with sick children

THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS FOR AND WITH SICK CHILDREN When one of your little ones is sick it raises all sorts of questions about life and its meaning. We can question God, our beliefs and our values. Priorities and perspectives can change. What once seemed urgent and important suddenly takes second place to the immediate needs(…)

Resources for Prayers in response to abuse of any kind

As well as the Service entitled: “PRAYERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE SUFFERED ABUSE OF ANY KIND” to be found in our Circle of Care section, here below we present a selection of texts from Scripture, Reflections, Prayers, Litanies and Suggestions for Music that may be of help to you in developing an appropriate prayer response(…)