Reflections and Prayers

Vigil For Life

Vigil For Life

Vigil for Life – 19th January 2013  Opening Chant O Christe Domine Jesu (Taizé) All sing: O Christe Domine Jesu Entrance procession of the Blessed Sacrament, Exposition, Incensation. Opening Preamble: Here in your adorable presence O Lord, we give you thanks for the gift of life. Be with those who are overwhelmed by the responsibility of(…)

The Rite of Baptism for Children

THE RITE OF BAPTISM FOR CHILDREN PREPARATION Hand in hand with the renewal of the quality of celebration of infant baptism goes the question of preparation. preparation of both parents and parish, preparation that is both long-term as well as immediate. But why 10 much emphasis on preparation? Why?: For a start participation requires preparation.(…)

Seasonal Celebrations

Seasonal Celebrations It is about this time of year that the advertisements for peat briquettes begin. Summer evenings turn chilly, golden fields of wheat prepare to yield their harvest, orchards begin to drop apples and hedgegrows glisten with ripe blackberries. Autumn in all its splendour is upon us. Some look back to summer and lament the loss of(…)

Keep Watch with me

KEEP WATCH WITH ME Reflection during the final illness of Pope John Paul II in April 2005   I looked with a little sadness at the pictures of Pope John Paul II giving a blessing from his room on Wednesday last. I thought to myself for a while that if he was my uncle I(…)

My Guiding Light

My Guiding Light Bend down and hear my prayer, O Lord, You are full of mercy For all who ask your help. I will call on you whenever troubles strike, And you will come to my rescue All the nations you have made Will worship before you. They will bring glory To your holy name.(…)

Fabric of Reconciliation

Fabric of Reconciliation Gracious God, Weaver of our souls, You draw the strands of our lives together in patterns of healing and compassion. You create a purple fabric of mercy from the various crosses of memory. You weave carpets of comfort From the coloured threads of sorrow. We entrust to you their design We surrender(…)

Gratitude for a Friend

Reflection from Psalm No. 45 GRATITUDE FOR A FRIEND My heart is full of joy today. I feel great! As I search for words to express that gladness, Volumes tumble from my lips. You, my beloved, were the source of delight. You affected me by your kindness. You made it good for me to be(…)

Now that I am Old and Grey

Reflection from Psalm No. 71 NOW THAT I AM OLD AND GREY Lord, you are my place of safety, The home, where I always feel welcome! You have been in my life As far as my memory goes back. I have learned your name from my mothers lips. Now that I am old and grey,(…)


Reflection from Psalm No. 25 REPENTANCE All my heart goes out to you, Dont fail me, Lord, for I am trusting you. After the degradation of defeat I look to you for kindness and support. Dont let my sinfulness triumph, My failures gain the victory over me. Bring light to the darkness in my heart,(…)


Reflection from Psalm No. 131 SIMPLICITY I have used too many words in my prayers, Lord. I have tried to fit in too many ideas. I employ too many arguments. I have tried to get my prayer, All neatly tidied-up. I have kept my eye on the clock. Now I need to return To the(…)

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