Jesus and the Parables

JESUS AND THE PARABLES Mark 4:31-32  Mustard Seed Mark 4:26-29  Mystery of the Seed Luke 13:20-21  Yeast Matt 13:44  Treasure in the field Matt 13:45-46  Pearl of great value Luke 15:11-32  Prodigal Son Matt 20:1-5  Labourers in the vineyard Luke 18: 10-14  Pharisee and the Publican Luke 10:30-36  The Good Samaritan Luke 15:4-6  The lost(…)

Who We Are

Who We Are

Dublin Diocese Liturgy Resource Centre  In 2004 the LitMus (Liturgy and Music) Office was incorporated into a new Diocesan Liturgical Resource Centre, based in Clonliffe College. Archbishop Martin hopes that the centre will act as a support for parishes and other groups to encourage and enable them to improve the quality of liturgical services, including(…)

Prayer of Support

As well as the Service entitled: “PRAYERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE SUFFERED ABUSE OF ANY KIND” to be found in our Circle of Care section, here below we present a selection of texts from Scripture, Reflections, Prayers, Litanies and Suggestions for Music that may be of help to you in developing an appropriate prayer response(…)

Diocesan Advent Service 2006

ADVENT SERVICE – YEAR C  Scripture, Reflections and Music Suggestions  Procession of Light Warm the Time of Winter (Lori True) Eager Welcome (Opening Prayer) Open our hearts in welcome (Opening Prayer) Opening Prayer and Gesture  To you, O Lord, I lift my soul, to you I lift my soul (Psalm 24) Responsorial Psalm    To You, O(…)