LENT 2015

The music suggested in this Lenten programme is taken from a variety of sources with special emphasis on the collection In Caelo (Veritas).

Entrance Songs                      Bless the Lord (Taizé)

            All sing:                      Bless the Lord my soul, and bless God’s holy name.

                                                Bless the Lord my soul who leads me into life.


                                               Grant to us, O Lord (Lucien Deiss)

            All sing:                      Grant to us, O Lord, a heart renewed

                                                Recreate in us your own spirit, Lord


Penitential Rite                      Kyrie (Seán Ó Riada)

            All sing:                      A Thiarna déan trócaire, A Chríost déan trócaire,

                                                A Thiarna dean trócaire           


Responsorial Psalms

1.             Psalm 24 (Fintan O’Carroll)

All sing:                 Your ways, Lord, are faithfulness and love

                                             for those who keep your covenant

2.             Psalm 115 (Fintan O’Carroll)

All sing:                I will walk in the presence of the Lord

in the land of the living

3.            Psalm 18 (Marty Haugen)

All sing:                Lord, you have the words of everlasting life

4.            Psalm 136 (Ian Callanan)

All sing:                If I forget you, Jerusalem , let my right hand be withered

                                             If I forget you, Jerusalem , O silence my voice.

5.            Psalm 50 (Michael Joncas)

All sing:                Be merciful, O Lord for we have sinned

6.            Psalm 21 (Liam Lawton)

All sing:                My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?

                                             Why have you forsaken me?


Gospel Acclamation           Glory to You (David Haas)

              All sing:                 Glory to you, O Word of God, Lord Jesus Christ



Presentation of Gifts

1.      You are mine (David Haas)

2.      Clouds’ Veil (Liam Lawton

3.      A Dhia’s a Athair (Tom Egan)

4.      Attende Domine (Plainchant)

5.      The Servant King (Graham Kendrick )

6.      Pierced Saviour (Sue Furlong)


Eucharistic Prayer Acclamations – International Mass (Tom Egan)


First Acclamation

            All sing:           Hosanna in the Highest


Memorial Acclamation

            All sing:          My Lord and my God


Great Amen   

            All sing:          Amen, Amen   


Breaking of Bread     Lamb of God (Seoirse Bodley)

Communion Songs

1.      In the days to come (Marty Haugen)

2.      Pity then the child (Liam Lawton)

3.      Deus meus adiuva me (Traditional)

4.      My Son has gone away (Bob Dufford)

5.      Unless a grain of wheat (Bernadette Farrell)

6.      Now we remain (David Haas)