Lent & Holy Week

Music Ideas for Lent & Easter Year B

MUSIC IDEAS FOR LENT 2008   Gathering /Entrance Song The Opening Song should be accessible to all the people by virtue of familiarity, simplicity of  melody or its responsorial character. This song helps introduce the general themes of the season or the particular scripture of the day. The following alternative suggestions are offered:   1st(…)

In Memory of my Father

In Memory of my Father   Nangiro lives in a dry and dusty land. It is a land of few trees, endless dust, and few streams. It does not rain much and recent years have seen droughts increasing in volume and intensity. It is a land where vegetation is sparse and the open barrenness stretches(…)

A Brief Way of the Cross

A Brief Way of the Cross The Way of the Cross is a way of prayer. We walk, in spirit, with Jesus on His journey to Calvary and meditate on His suffering, death and resurrection. In each station we can meet some aspect of our relationship with the Lord and with others. Suggested opening song:(…)

Lenten Midday Prayers

LENTEN MIDDAY PRAYER 1 Hymn: Bless the Lord, my soul and bless God’s holy name. Bless the Lord my soul, who leads me into life. We say the Antiphon together: O my Strength, it is to you whom I turn, for you, O God, are my stronghold, the God who shows me love From Psalm(…)

Journey to the Cross – Meditation Holy Week 2010

HOLY WEEK MEDITATION 2010 Journey to the Cross Opening Song Vexilla Regis (Venantius Fortunatus) Abroad the Regal Banners fly, Now shines the Crosss mystery; Upon it Life did death endure, And yet by death did life procure. That which the Prophet-King of old Hath in mysterious verse foretold, Is now accomplished, whilst we see God(…)

Something different for Lent 2011

SOMETHING DIFFERENT FOR LENT 2011  The Invitation  Would you like to join us in a 5 week ‘retreat’ with a difference?  You don’t have to travel anywhere and it won’t cost you anything except your time. You follow your daily routine but do things in a more thoughtful and reflective way. This ‘retreat’ has at(…)