Ministers of the Eucharist

Gathering for Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

Gathering Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist 15 April 2015 Prayer Moment One Opening Song    I Am Yours (Trevor Thomson) All sing:   Bread of life, wine of hope, body and blood, soul and divinity. Consume me completely, I am yours. Reflection   Pope Francis – Corpus Christi 2013 ‘So let us ask ourselves this evening, in adoring(…)

Carrying the Eucharist to the Sick and the Housebound

Gathering – Ministers of the Eucharist 20 March 2014  Carrying the Eucharist to the Sick and the Housebound  ‘When we draw near with tender love to those in need of care, we bring hope and God’s smile to the contradictions of the world.’ Those who are privileged to bring the Eucharist to the sick and(…)

Commissioning Ceremony for Extraordinary Ministers

The Rite of Commissioning for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion TAKEN FROM THE BOOK OF BLESSINGS ARTICLES 1875-1879 (PUBLISHED BY THE LITURGICAL PRESS: COLLEGEVILLE, MINN, 1989)   Persons may be commissioned to distribute Holy Communion in special circumstances by the local Ordinary or his delegate according to the following rite. The rite should take place in the(…)

Art and the Eucharist

Art and the Eucharist

EUCHARISTIC CONGRESS 75 ART AND THE EUCHARIST This is the material used at a presentation of art and music to mark the 75th anniversary of the Eucharistic Congress in Dublin 1932. St. Kevin’s Oratory, Pro-Cathedral 21 June 2007 Presented by Dr. Eileen Kane with Ms. Michaela – Loredan Chirvase (Soprano) Fr. Rodrigue Marino Nguekam C.S.Sp.(…)