Covid 19 – Together In Prayer – United From A Distance


Past Emmanuel Students are helping once again with the vocal recordings for Emmanuel 2024. They are guided by Ian Callanan, Music Director of the programme, to ensure that they are ready for the launch with Teachers on 12 September. This will take place in OLV Church, Ballymun Road at 1.30p.m.

Emmanuel Programme 2017- 2020

EMMANUEL 2020  (Music available on Spotify, iTunes, youtube) Love Is All We Need (Steve Angrisano) Jesus Hope of the World (Paul Tate) In Aon Ghuth Amháin/ (Deanna Light and Paul Tate) Gathered As One (Irish Text Elaine Uí Ghéaráin & Áine NíBheacháin) Keep Me Safe O God (Ian Callanan) Wood Hath Hope (John Foley) You(…)

Emmanuel Programme 2008-2016

Emmanuel Programme 2008-2016

EMMANUEL 2008-2016 Programme 2016 Hope at the Crossroads – Michael Mahler Lord, Show us your mercy – Jeanne Cotter Prayer for Mercy – Let your mercy wash over us – Trevor Thomson Blessed are the Merciful – Jakub Blycharz (World Youth Day Krakow 2016) A Future with Hope – David Haas Rise Up – Liam(…)