Saint Patrick, bishop – Principal Patron of Ireland

17th March

Entrance Antiphon (Genesis 12:1-2)
Go from your country and you kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you. I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you, and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing.

Lord, through the work of Saint Patrick in Ireland
we have come to acknowledge the mystery on the one true God
and give thanks for our salvation in Christ;
grant by his prayers
that we who celebrate this festival
my keep alive the fire of faith he kindled.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever.

Readings: Year ABC

First Reading: Sirach 39:6-10

His memory will not disappear, and his name will live through all generations.

(Lectionary Vol II, p. 1504)

Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 115:12-19. R/. v. 12

Response: How can I repay the Lord for his goodness to me?

1. How can I repay the Lord
for his goodness to me?
The cup of salvation I will raise;
I will call on the Lord’s name. R/.

2. My vows to the Lord I will fulfil
before all his people.
O precious in the eyes of the Lord
is the death of his faithful. R/.

3. Your servant, Lord, your servant am I;
you have loosened my bonds.
A thanksgiving sacrifice I make;
I will call on the Lord’s name. R/.

4. My vows to the Lord I will fulfil
before all his people,
in the courts of the house of the Lord,
in your midst, O Jerusalem. R/.

Second Reading: 2 Timothy 4:1-8
Convince, rebuke, and encourage, with the utmost patience in teaching.

(Lectionary Vol II, p. 572)

Gospel Acclamation: James 1:21

Glory to you, O Christ, you are the Word of God!
Accept and submit to the word which has been planted in you and can save your souls.
Glory to you, O Christ, you are the Word of God!

Gospel Reading: Matthew 13:24-32

It is the smallest of all the seeds, but when it has grown it is the greatest of shrubs.
Jesus put a parable before the crowds, ‘the kingdom of heaven may be compared to a man who sowed good seed in his field. While everybody was asleep his enemy came, sowed darnel all among the wheat, and made off.
When the new wheat sprouted and ripened, the darnel appeared as well. The owner’s servants went to
him and said, “Sir, was it not good seed that you sowed in your field? If so, where does the darnel come
from?” “some enemy has done this” he answered. And the servants said, “Do you want us to go and weed it out?” But he said, “No, because when you weed out the darnel you might pull up the wheat with it. Let them both grow till the harvest; and at harvest time I shall say to the reapers: First collect the darnel and tie it in bundles to be burnt, then gather the wheat into my barn.”’

He put another parable before them, ‘the kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed which a man took
and sowed in his field. It is the smallest of all the seeds, but when it has grown it is the biggest of shrubs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air can come and shelter in its branches.’

Year B ad libitum

First Reading: Jeremiah 1:4-9
You shall go to all to whom I send you.

(Lectionary Vol II, p. 1326)

Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 116. R/. Mark 16:15

Response: God out to the whole world: proclaim the Good News.

(Lectionary Vol II, p. 1327)

Second Reading: Romans 10:9-18
Faith comes from what is heard, through the word of Christ.

(Lectionary Vol II, p. 1374)

Gospel Acclamation: Matthew 28:19-20

Glory to you, O Christ, you are the Word of God!
Go, make disciples of all nations, says the Lord; I am with you always, yes, to the end of time.
Glory to you, O Christ, you are the Word of God!

Gospel Reading: Mark 16:15-20
They went out and proclaimed the good news everywhere.

(Lectionary Vol II, p. 1495)

Year C ad libitum

First Reading: Amos 7:12-15

The Lord took me from following the flock

(Lectionary Vol I, p. 774)

Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 138:1-3, 7-10, 13-14. R/v. 9-10

Response: If I dwell at the sea’s furthest end even there you watch over me.

1. O Lord, you search me and you know me,
you know my resting and my rising,
you discern my purpose from afar.
You mark when I walk or lie down,
all my ways lie open to you. R/.

2. O where can I go from your spirit,
or where can I flee from your face?
If I climb the heavens, you are there.
If I lie in the grave, you are there. R/.

3. If I take the wings of the dawn
and dwell at the sea’s furthest end,
even there your hand would lead me,
your right hand would hold me fast. R/.

4 For it was you who created my being,
knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I thank you for the wonders of my being,
for the wonders of all your creation.

Second Reading: 1 Thessalonians 2:2-8
We never came with words of flattery or with a pretext for greed.

(Lectionary Vol II, p. 1490)

Gospel Acclamation: Luke 4:18

Glory to you, O Christ, you are the Word of God!
The Lord has sent me to bring good news to the poor, to proclaim liberty to captives.
Glory to you, O Christ, you are the Word of God!

Gospel Reading: Luke 5:1-11
‘Lord, I am a sinful man.’ Jesus said ‘Do not be afraid.’

(Lectionary Vol II, p. 977)


Prayer over the Gifts
Lord, accept this pure sacrifice
which, through the labours of Saint Patrick,
your grateful people make
to the glory of your name.
Through Christ our Lord.


V/. The Lord be with you.
R/. And also with you.
V/. Lift up your hearts.
R/. We lift them up to the Lord.
V/. Let us give thanks to the Lord our God
R/. Is is right to give him thanks and praise.

It is truly right and just, our duty and our salvation,
always and everywhere to give you thanks,
Lord, holy Father, almighty and eternal God,
and to offer you fitting praise
as we honour Saint Patrick.

For you drew him through daily prayer
in captivity and hardship
to know you as a loving father.

You chose him out of all the world
to return to the land of his captors,
that they might acknowledge Jesus Christ, their Redeemer.

In the power of you Spirit you directed his paths
to win the sons and daughters of the Irish
to the service of the Triune God.

With joyful hearts we echo on earth
the song of the angels in heaven
as they praise your glory without end:

Holy, Holy, Holy…

Communion Antiphon (Cf Matthew 8:11)
Many will come from east and west
and sit down with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
at the feast in the kingdom of heaven, says the Lord.

Prayer after communion
Strengthen us, O Lord, by this sacrament
so that we may profess the faith taught by Saint Patrick
and to proclaim it in our way of living.
Through Christ our Lord.

Solemn Blessing
May God the Father, who called us together
to celebrate this feast of Saint Patrick,
bless you , protect you, and keep you faithful.
R/. Amen.

May Christ the Lord, the High King of Heaven,
be near you at all times and shield you from evil.
R/. Amen.

May the Holy Spirit, who is the source of all holiness,
make you rich in the love of God’s people.
R/. Amen.

And may the blessing of almighty God,
the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit,
come down on you and remain for ever.*
R/. Amen.

Courtesy of the National Centre for Liturgy, St Patrick’s College, Maynooth, Co. Kildare
A National Proper for Ireland will be published shortly by Veritas Publications