Gathering Song  Wait For The Lord (Taizé)
All said: Wait for the Lord, his day is near

Wait for the Lord, be strong take heart.

Reading  James 5:7-8 Be patient

Instrumental Cantiga de Sancta Maria (Spanish)

Reflection  A Poem of Ephrem the Syrian, (which he places in the mouth of Mary)
“With You I shall begin, and I trust that with You I shall end. I shall open my mouth, and You fill my mouth. I am for you the earth and You are the farmer. Sow in me your voice, You who are the sower of Himself in His mother’s womb.

All the chaste daughters of the Hebrews and virgin daughters of rulers are amazed at me. Because of You,
A daughter of the poor is envied. Because of You, a daughter of the weak is an object of jealousy. Who gave You to me?
Son of the Rich One, Who despised the womb of rich women, what drew You toward the poor? For Joseph is needy, and I am impoverished. Your merchants (the Magi)
Brought gold to a house of the poor… Blessed be the Babe Who made His mother the lyre of His melodies.”

From Hymns on the Nativity No 15.

Song  Teacht Chríost (Padraig Mac Piarais/Sr. Colmcille Ní Chonáin)
I cleaned my heart tonight before the arrival of the child – I opened the door of my heart – do not pass me by.

All say:  God of power and mercy,

open our hearts in welcome.
Remove the things that hinder us from receiving Christ with joy,
so that we may share his wisdom
and become one with him
when he comes in glory,
for he lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
One God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Reading  Luke 1:26-38  Mary do not be afraid

Song Holy Is His Name (John Michael Talbot)
All sing: And holy, holy, holy is his name.

Reflection  Advent 1948 (Jessica Powers)
I live my Advent in the womb of Mary.

and on one night when a great star swings free
from its high mooring and walks down the sky
to be the dot above the Christus I,
I shall be born of her by blessed grace.
I wait in Mary-darkness, faith’s walled place,
with hope’s expectance of nativity.

I knew for long she carried me and fed me,
guarded and loved me, though I could not see.
But only now, with inward jubilee,
I come upon earth’s most amazing knowledge:
someone is hidden in this dark with me.

Song   Muire Bheannaithe (Eamonn Ó Gallchobhair)

All say: Lord of hope and joy,

We pray that the unfolding days of Advent
may open up possibilities for deepening our appreciation of the precious gift that is Jesus, your loving Son.
Hold us in a spirit of anticipation that we may truly rejoice on Christmas Day at the wonder of the eternal promise He brings.

Reading  Matthew 1:18-25  ..the angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream

Song Voice of an Angel (Liam Lawton)

Reflection The Rose Project     

Song  Come to us, O Emmanuel (Marty Haugen)
All sing:  Come to us, O Emmanuel

All say: Lord God, so often in the bible you tell us not to fear, that you are here, and that you are in control. Often our lives seem out of control, manipulated by others. That is when we fear. You sent an angel to Joseph to reassure him and to point him in the right direction. May we be open to the message of the angels you send to us today to remind us of your presence. Come to us, O Emmanuel, God-is-with-us.

 Song  Tar Emmanuel (Traidisiúnta)
All sing:  Déan gáirdeachas, a Iosráel, mar béarfar duit Emmanuel

Reading   John 1:1-18 The Word was the true light

Song Warm the Time of Winter (Lori True)
 All sing: Holy light, warm our night, warm the time of winter

Holy light, warm our night, warm the time of winter

Reflection  The Gifts of Mother and Baby Care – Trócaire

Reading Matthew 1:18-24

 Song  Advent Psalm (Norman Warren)

 Reflection  St. John of the Cross
The Virgin, weighed

With the Word of God
Comes down the road:
If only you will shelter her.!

Invocations   Kyrie (Jean-Paul Lécot)
Lord Jesus, you are mighty God and prince of Peace

Lord Jesus, your are Son of God and Son of Mary
Lord Jesus, you are word made flesh and splendour of the Father

All sing: Kyrie eleison – Christe eleison – Kyrie eleison

Concluding Prayer         

Blessing of Festive Fare

Final Song  Wait For The Lord (Taizé)
All sing: Wait for the Lord, his day is near.

Wait for the Lord, be strong take heart