‘Less is more’ is a good principle when planning a liturgy. Simplicity and dignity are the hallmarks of a good celebration. ‘Decluttering’ will eliminate distraction and allow the message to get through

I. Can you see the altar for the flowers?

2. Is that the celebrant’s chair?

3. How many banners are there up there?

4. Is the Ambo the place for all those pieces of paper?

5. Do I see the gifts already on the altar and we haven’t yet begun?

6. Was that introduction to the Word as long as the First Reading?

7. Did I not read those same notices in the parish bulletin?

8. I thought that homily ended at least three times?

9. Are they intercessions or mini homilies?

10. Is anxiety ever useful?

I I. What are those capes the Ministers of the Eucharist are wearing?

12. Is that the Lector distributing Communion?

13. Did he not do the collection as well?

14. Is that organist ever going to let go of the last note?

15. Was that the third communion song?

16. Is he ever going to give the blessing?