Liturgy Groups

Liturgical Feng Shui

LITURGICAL FENG SHUI ‘Less is more’ is a good principle when planning a liturgy. Simplicity and dignity are the hallmarks of a good celebration. ‘Decluttering’ will eliminate distraction and allow the message to get through I. Can you see the altar for the flowers? 2. Is that the celebrant’s chair? 3. How many banners are(…)

Everyone is Creative – DIY Approach to preparing Liturgy

EVERYONE IS CREATIVE – DIY APPROACH TO PREPARING LITURGY What will we do to mark……? Is it a Eucharistic Celebration or a Prayer Service?  Set up a planning group. I know that you would do it quicker on your own but you would miss out on the richness of other’s ideas. Don’t be maid to(…)

How Good Liturgy Speaks to Today’s Parish

How Good Liturgy Speaks To Today’s Parish Good liturgy is about people working together. The basic requirement is communication. People notice when this breaks down. It’s a distraction they don’t deserve. What structures either informal or formal are there in place to facilitate this interaction? Is there a liturgy group? Are all the various ministers(…)

What is Good Liturgy?

What Is Good Liturgy? Fr Pat ODonoghue takes us through some pastoral liturgical pointers… I want to begin by placing my understanding of the Eucharistic liturgy in the context of the institution narrative of the Gospel of John. ‘They were at Supper… and he got up from table, removed his outer garment and, taking a(…)

Forming A Parish Liturgy Group

IF THERE ISN’T ONE IN PLACE ALREADY 1.         CO-OPERATION BETWEEN PRIESTS AND PEOPLE Co-operation between priests and people is vital.  Liturgy and especially the celebration of the Mass is influenced very much by the priest who is presider. In order to get a liturgy group off the ground the priests especially must: See the need(…)

Weekday Liturgy when Mass is not celebrated

Weekday liturgy when Mass is not celebrated  This guidance, prepared by a working group of the Irish Commission for Liturgy, is offered as a resource for the consideration of individual Bishops in their dioceses.  Irish Episcopal Conference Dec 2009 Daily Mass is a feature of parish life everywhere in . However, it is becoming increasingly(…)