A Joy for All the Earth (Ephrem Feeley) Hymn for WMOF 2018

Canticle of the Sun (Marty Haugen)

Hiding Place (Liam Lawton)

Shout for Joy (John Casey)

Bí Íosa Im Chroise (Tradisiúnta)

Críost Liom (Bernard Sexton)

The Last Supper (Bernard Sexton)

Christ Be Our Light (Bernadette Farrell)

We Will Walk With God Shizohamba Naye (Swaziland Traditional)

Dona Nobis Pacem (Traditional)

Spirit Filled Day (Mary Amond O Brien)

My New Commandment (Ephrem Feeley)

 Holy Mary, Full of Grace (Paul Décha)

Send Forth Your Spirit (Liam Lawton)

May the Road Rise to Meet You (Lori True)

People of Joy (Brendan Dowd)